söndag 18 januari 2009

Dra på trissor

Det här fick mig att ta mig för pannan och göra överdramatiska miner och himla med ögonen big time.

"after about 7 envelopes [av 75, AK:S kommentar] i was cursing myself for not having better writing and not being able to write in a straight line to save my life. so when i heard from jennifer holten about her great faux-fancy handwriting idea i was so excited. jennifer was writing out her own invites and wanted a calligraphy look without the high cost, so she came up with a really clever idea for a great diy alternative. basically, she chose her favorite fancy font on her computer (you can buy some great ones here) and printed each address on the envelope in a slightly darker ink color so it was faint enough to see after printing. then jennifer went back over the lettering with a white paint pen, covering up the printed portion and giving it a more hand-written look. the result is a combination of the neatness and elegance you’d expect with a printed address and the handmade qualities that come from putting actual pen to paper. jennifer’s full steps are spelled out right here and they’re a great idea for anyone planning a party, a wedding or any event where invitations are involved. thanks, jennifer!"

Jag älskar DIY och vill ha jättemycket DIY på mitt bröllop, men jag vet var gränsen går: låååångt före att sitta och kalkera adresser på kuvert för "handskriven kalligrafi". Sorry, Design Sponge! Där dog du lite...

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