onsdag 23 september 2009

Photo time!

Waiting for Mikael. Am pleased with my bouquet. Magnus (photographer) testing to see how white my dress looks against the sky, or something phototechnical of that nature.

Here he is, the man I've been waiting for for 39 years. Not a day too soon! Fresh from the dentist. Broken shoelace, tie loose. Still the most wonderful man in the world.

First pose. We are happy campers.

And we don't have aching cheekbones from smiling yet.

Here Sussi (photographer's wife and good friend from my teens) is trying to orchestrate us into fanciful poses. She worked as hard as the photographer, if not more!

I didn't want photos where my waist looks thick, but I have given up.

Sitting on a bench outside the temple gates. Being excited.

Sussi gets a fab idea. Has to work hard for it

We get a fab idea.

I'm not the only one making faces.

One of many photos where I look like ... myself...

Here we are after the sealing, gathered for a small ring ceremony in the temple garden by the fountain.

Mikael went first, amazed me by what he said.

I gave him a kiss for being so great.

Great background!

Twen it was y turn. I read Mikael a poem I'd written about how my love for him feels. I made it through almost all of it --

-- until I cried. But those were happy tears!

Another cry picture. This is at the end of the dinner, and I had had such a wonderful day that I couldn't help myself from saying a few word of thanks. But I broke down and spoke like an Italian -- with my arms.

A great way to end dinner.

And this was our biggest blessing of the day: we got married in the temple.

4 kommentarer:

Monica sa...

Vad roligt att få se er, vackra brudpar! Nu känns det ännu mer som att jag var där.

Anna Linda sa...

Underbart! Det syns hur lyckliga ni är! Fantastisk make också!

Anna Linda sa...

hehe det blev ju roligt... jag menade mejk som i make up... kan inte uttala mig om Mikael som make, men han är säkert fantastisk han också!


kul att se bilder från er dag! ni är jättefina. buketten hamnar högt upp på min tio-i-topplista.