lördag 23 maj 2009


Läste precis en underbart fragmentarisk, romantisk bröllopsdagsuterupplevelse på Peonies and polaroids, och som hon har kallat Moments remembered. Jag tycker det var underbart och längtar efter att sjävl kunna skriva "så":

His face being all I could see.

Looking away because I knew if I kept gazing into his eyes I would never make it through the day.

A blur of first kiss, an enormous hug and more kisses. A huge smile.

Lying awake until 4am, comparing moments remembered, "did you see...." "did you hear...."

My friend's face as she turned in the back row, her mouth a perfect O.

Her little girl's face as she reached out to touch my dress. Oh to be five year's old.

A song, written just for us and sung with a passion and beauty that made my heart swell.

Looking up while we were signing the register and spotting a dear friend who I was desperate to meet for the very first time.

Five aunts, one bridesmaid and a grandmother in the first two rows, all wiping their eyes.

The first pop of a cork from a homemade champagne bottle and the squeal of delight from a drunk auntie.

Rain sprinkling us during the ceremony and a sea of umbrellas materialising above the guests.

One kind uncle who thought to stand up and bring us a brolly, sauntering oh so casually to the front, clad in a leather jacket with one hand in his pocket.

Kissing a small, warm child on the top of the head as she sat on my lap.

Watching those who had never met before talking and celebrating together like old friends.

A shower of rose petals falling down on us from every direction, while we laughed and tried to find our way back up the aisle.

A laughing bridesmaid telling me that she heard gasps when I appeared.

Holding each other at the back of the tent while everyone else ate their dinner around the corner, oblivious to our first dance as husband and wife.

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