fredag 20 mars 2009

Ojdå! Disaster warning!

Läste följande idag på Wedding Aces. Visste inte att det var så nära att jag satte mig i en situation som hade inneburit en DISASTER! Läs själva:

So you’ve booked your hair and makeup vendors, now it’s time to schedule your pre-ceremony time-line! The number one question on your mind at the moment is what to do first—hair or makeup?

The answer is simple, if you have the choice, schedule hair first! The reasons for doing your hair first are simple. Hairspray, gels, and liquids used to style your hair may accidentally drip on to the face when they are applied to your ‘do. How many times have you set your style only to get droplets of hairspray in a random place such as your cheek or forhead? The result is streaked makeup, possible smudging of eye-shadows or mascara. Easily prevent this possible disaster by having your hair done first followed by your makeup. Another pro: your hair will be out of the face leaving an open palette for your makeup artist!

Tänk om jag hade råkat få hårspray på kinden på min brölllopsdag. Då hade ju verkligen allt varit förstört! <

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